Beavercreek City School District

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Voter registration information
Ohio election laws have been changed so that ANYONE can vote by mail.  If you are a registered voter, all you need to do is request a ballot from the Board of Elections.  The ballot will be mailed to your home and you can either mail your completed ballot or drop it off at your polling place on Election Day.
While most of the Beavercreek City School District is located in Greene County, portions of the District are in Montgomery County. 
For more information and the proper forms, use the following links:
Greene County Board of Elections
Call: (937) 562-6170
Montgomery County
If you live within the Beavercreek City School District and wish to speak with a Board of Elections official, call:
  • Greene County Board of Elections, 562-6170
  • Montgomery County Board of Elections, 225-5656 or