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Joell Mangan

Hello, Fairbrook Families!

As you all know, MAP testing for kindergarten through fifth grade is underway and preliminary results show that many of our students are performing above and beyond predicted outcomes. This is fantastic! I am so proud of our students for working diligently on these assessments and our outstanding educators for their top notch instruction of students! Beginning March 13, our students in grades three through five will begin the Statewide AIR testing for reading, math, science and social studies. These are important tests because Ohio uses these results to monitor the effectiveness of our schools as well as the individual progress of our students. We all know that student performance can be enhanced by making sure that students get plenty of sleep, a good breakfast and a word of encouragement. Please keep these things in mind as we move closer to March 13th.

In addition, schools are required to practice tornado, fire and lockdown drills on a regular basis with students. We will conduct our first spring tornado drill as well as practice our ALICE lockdown drill in March. As we continue through the spring, we will conduct tornado drills, fire drills, lockdown drills and potentially an “offsite” safety drill. I will send an email to inform parents when we plan to have the “offsite” safety drill. During this drill, everyone leaves the building and relocates to a “safe” area away from the building. At the conclusion of the drill, we return to the building. I would like to encourage you to talk with your children about the need for these drills so they understand this is about safety and isn’t scary to them. While your children are at school we do our very best to ensure that they feel safe and secure during these drills, all the while, ensuring that everyone would know what to do in the event of a real-life emergency.

Because of our crazy Ohio weather, we advise that you dress your child in layers so they can be prepared for the ever changing weather. Also, please make sure they wear or bring gym shoes on PE days. Other types of footwear make it difficult for your child to participate safely in PE class.

Don’t forget to check our Lost and Found if you are missing a coat, lunchbox or gloves/hats. Also, please check your child’s lunch account balance! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher, Mrs. Laravie, or me. We can be reached by email or phone. You are more than welcome to meet with any of us, but we ask that you make an appointment so we can be sure to be available for you. Thank you for all of your support!



Joell A. Mangan 

Last Modified on February 23, 2017