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Ankeney Shine Award Winner

Noelle shows responsibility by having all her assignments completed on time. Her agenda is filled out without prompting, and in detail. Noelle is always prepared for class when the bell rings and uses her time wisely by doing her homework or reading in Strategies. She is sure to advocate for herself when she is not sure of instructions or how to complete a task. These actions have resulted in zero marks on her character card!

Noelle’s classmates are treated in a caring and respectful way. She follows all classroom expectations and shows perfect manners. Noelle has been in scouting since 1st grade and respects what they represent. She always has a smile on her face and is kind to everyone. Noelle shows she cares through her actions. Many of her teachers recently experienced a loss in their family. Noelle took the extra time to write cards to those teachers to express her sympathy. Noelle makes a big difference in our school community through small details that show others she cares.  

shine nov.